Protecting Paulding County

A Vision for Paulding Law Enforcement

With Paulding County continuing to grow with a more diverse community, we need to be able to connect, communicate and serve to the best of our abilities. Protecting and Serving by our core values: Fairness, Respect, Integrity, and Professionalism we will be able to continue to grow with the community. I believe when we concentrate on the needs and desires of the community and staff, our needs will be met.

As Sheriff, I will focus on these pillars to keep our communities and your homes safe.

Policy and Oversight

We will continue to build, revise, and keep our policies up to date with state law, case law and best practices plus being easily accessible
to staff. With supervisors and command staff ensuring that our procedures are being followed and enforced to make sure we are providing the services expected by our community. With procedures to deal with misconduct, complaints, internally and externally. Creating a Sheriff’s Office built on trust, collaboration, and service with high standards.

Staff Wellness and Safety

The command staff and I will concentrate on these two areas to help ensure we have a great working environment. Continuing to improve and grow our peer support services with access to better benefits for staff and their families.

The grants we currently receive will be expanded to help with equipment needed for staff, to help keep our budgets manageable and continue to be good stewards of tax dollars.

By continuing to work on staff salaries and pension benefits our staff will be able to provide a better quality of life for their families and be more proactive in their duties to serve and protect our community.

Training and Education

We will be working to expand our incentives for training and education to help with retention and attract others to join our Sheriff’s Office family.

By bringing outside services in for advanced training and opening our facilities to other agencies we can have more staff participate. We will be seeking training and education outside our own abilities for staff to attend.

This will also allow opportunities for staff to learn different concepts and ideas, creating an environment for career growth.

Crime Reduction through Community Trust and Legitimacy

As the office grows and builds our team, our specialized units will need to grow to be proactive and diligently fight crime to protect our community.

With the first three pillars being in the forefront we will be able to fill vacancies and add additional resources by being forward thinking. One of the first objectives is building a cold case team by attracting additional criminal investigative detectives who have retired from other agencies to assist us with working on these open cases. Ideas such as this will help build community trust.

Partnering with community organizations that help with critical issues plaguing our county such as opioid abuse, addiction recovery, family violence, and mental health, we will be able to connect those who want and need these services.

Being transparent in these initiatives will show the community our legitimacy.

Technology and Social Media

By growing our technological capabilities and utilizing services outside the office, staff will be able to perform at a higher standard and solve cases more proficiently. Utilizing grants and seizure funds we can expand these services.

Having our own Criminal and Data Analyst personnel on staff will allow us to utilize the technology and adjust as it continues to change so
rapidly in today’s world. We will be able to focus on areas in need such as vehicular accidents and the causes, pinpoint criminal activity and being able to meet the needs of the community.

Social media and other media outlets will be utilized to keep the residents aware of our efforts, activities, cases being worked, and solicit assistance when needed.

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