About Chad Hunton

Chad Hunton: A Dedicated Guardian of Paulding County

Chad Hunton is a distinguished leader and a steadfast protector of Paulding County. Chad's journey from a local boy who graduated from Paulding County High School to the role of Chief Deputy is a story of unwavering commitment and exemplary service.

A Foundation of Service and Sacrifice

After graduating in 1996, Chad Hunton enlisted and served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. After six years of enlisted service with an honorable discharge, he was instilled with a profound sense of duty and leadership. These principles guide his career in law enforcement and community service.

A Career Defined by Leadership and Innovation

Chad's professional path at the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is marked by a continuous ascent through the ranks, driven by his dedication to excellence and community safety. From his early days as a Detention Officer to his pivotal role as SWAT Commander, Chad has been instrumental in developing initiatives like the Explorer POST 110, the Neighborhood Watch Program, and the Patrol Rifle Program, significantly enhancing the department's effectiveness and its bond with the community.

Deep Roots in Community Service

Chad's commitment extends far beyond his professional duties. His active involvement with Shepherd’s Rest Ministries, the Family Alliance of Paulding, the Paulding Recovery Community Organization Steering Committee, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Paulding highlights his deep commitment to supporting vulnerable populations and addressing critical issues such as domestic violence, family welfare, recovery, and mental health within the community.

A Vision for a United Community

Looking to the future, Chad is dedicated to moving the Sheriff's Office forward with a vision centered on building deeper connections between deputies and the residents they serve. This vision is rooted in a belief that safety and community well-being are intertwined, and that fostering trust and collaboration is essential for a harmonious, secure Paulding County.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

Chad's ascent through the professional ranks paralleled his journey as a family man, raising five children and building a career in law enforcement. This dual path of career progression and family responsibilities exemplifies Chad's remarkable ability to balance demanding roles with grace and effectiveness, showcasing his resilience, dedication, and leadership.

Chad Hunton: The Embodiment of Service and Safety

Chad Hunton's life story is one of dedication to service, commitment to community, and unwavering leadership. As Paulding County stands at a crossroads, Chad's proven track record, deep community ties, and forward-looking vision present a clear choice for a future where safety, community, and progress thrive together. Chad Hunton is not just a candidate for Paulding County Sheriff; he is a testament to the enduring values of Paulding County and the embodiment of its brightest future.

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